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Welcome to the BoSL Wiki Page!

This page will begin to get populated with information about how to use our probes, sensors, boards, code, IDE programs and our training courses.

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Current BoSL Team Members

BoSL Developing Team Members (Current) - 2023.png

David McCarthy: The greatest team leader. But to be honest he does not really do that much other than to cause the people doing all the work some pain once in a while - oh, he also finds the money for all of this fun stuff!

Baiqian Shi (Luke): Call him the translator - without this guy, nothing would happen. He listens to David, translates that garbage into something that makes sense and feeds this to the people that make things happen.

Stephen Catsamas: The genius who is behind all of the things that actually get done in terms of board development, sensor development and coding.

Miao Wang: The PhD student who developed the low-cost turbidity sensor and applied different low-cost devices in stormwater monitoring projects. He also does the testing and verification of the sensors in the field and modifies the design to improve the sensors' performance.

Peter Kolotelo: The bloke to rely on who helps analyse all the data and install all the equipment.

Christelle Schang: The head of Monash Environmental and Public Health Microbiology Lab (EPHM Lab) which works closely with the BoSL team.

Felix Lu: An experienced IT guy who is working hard to add ongoing improvement to our existing BoSL boards and sensors, as well as new stuff to our product lineup.

Canwei Pang (Steven): The PhD student who worked on the validation and improvement of the MAD-AS Auto-Samplers. He is now working on a new camera-based in-water turbidity and PSD sensor and real-time monitoring and control system in a stormwater constructed wetland (Troups Creek Wetland).

Mehran Janmohammadi: The PhD student who is working on nitrate Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) biosensors. He is also helping with developing and testing the Ammonia sensor.

Jenny Huang: The research support officer who helps with sensor manufacturing and testing, and data analysis.

Wenchang Zhu (Eric): Used to be the research support officer who managed the procurement of every bit and piece we needed to develop our boards and sensors. He also helped with sensor manufacturing, testing, and deployment. Eric is now a new PhD student exploring possibility with the low-cost spectrophotometers.

Le Zhang (Grace): Want to design some 3d-printed components for your project? Just tell your ideas to Grace and she will give you the prototype you want. Grace uses her iPad and innovation to design and improve the designs of 3d-printed parts of our sensors.

Corrie Thirkell: The PhD student who is also working on the stormwater wetland real-time monitoring and control project.

Former BoSL Team Members

BoSL Developing Team Members (Former) - 2023.png

Jieren Xiao (Jerry): The dedicated sensor manufacturing and fieldwork guy.

Yusak Danuwiharja (Arie): Helped in sensor development on the gas and ammonia detection sensor.

Boris Deletic: The genius who worked together with Stephen on the board and sensor development.

Vladimir Mikho: Research Assistant who helped with data analysis and sensor development.

Dusan Jovanovic: The PhD who helped with model development, data analysis, and equipment installation.

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